Rossmund Golf Course

The Rössmund Golf Course is unique in the world. It is one of only five full green fairway desert courses on the planet, yet it may be the only one where springbok footprints endanger your lie! It is a full 72 par golf course up to world standards providing a true golfing challenge in a stunning environment.

On most golf courses, sand traps are dispersed throughout grass fairways. But in Namibia, grass fairways are dispersed throughout the sand. This inversion generates a tough challenge, and provides a unique juxtaposition of nature’s beauty and man’s inventiveness.

Maintaining a golf course in the desert is a challenge all its own. It takes a million litres of water a day to keep the course alive, using only recycled water for the purpose. Thanks to phase two of the housing development on the back nine, a new irrigation system is being put in place which will save water and nurture the grass. While they are at it, the development project is introducing new, more challenging greens, bordered walkways and newly planted vegetation.

The course offers lessons, caddies, a full driving range and putting greens. Stop in the club house for a drink at the turn and when you are done you can watch other players finish their rounds while you enjoy a hot or cold lunch. Or invite the family to join you after your round. The course is also adjacent to one of Namibia’s few full sized bowling greens, and the bowlers are happy to show you how to play.