Swakopmund offers a variety of interesting activities. Our friendly team will gladly arrange these activities for you:


Departing daily, they promise you an unforgettable experience.

Once on the boat, we will proceed to Pelican Point, where you will Experience the excitement of feeding a few seals who might even join you on the boat. Best of all, you will be highly exhilarated to see dolphins riding the bow of your boat. With a bit of luck you might see a Sunfish (Mola Mola) and the Leatherback Turtles. In season, the larger mammals like the Southern Right Whale and the Humpback Whales may be spotted and occasionally the Killer Whales (Orcas).

Afterwards, just relax on the boat and enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne with fresh oysters and snacks.


The tour takes place across the Swakop River in the dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. You will be driven along the foot of the dunes in a 4×4 vehicle offering incredible views of the desert landscape. Your guide will be in search for various desert adapted creatures including FitzSimons Burrowing Skink, Web-footed Geckos, Sand-diving Lizards, Sidewinders, Horned Adders, Scorpions and the White Lady Spider. Learn about their incredible adaption’s of these creatures to the harsh living conditions of the Namib Desert.


Enjoy a night walk to the Namib gravel plains and see the desert adapted night life concentrating on the various species of Geckos, Spiders, Gerbils and Scorpions. During the day the desert looks inhospitable, unfriendly, devoid of any animal life, but once the sun sets, the sand turns into a playground for all kinds of animals. Most of the creatures in the Namib are nocturnal and can be observed only after dark. The Night walk offers a glimpse into the nocturnal theatre of this unique eco-system. After dark the seemingly barren Namib gravel plains come to life and we help you discover these little nocturnal wonders. The walks provide a truly amazing educational experience of the little seen nocturnal creatures.


There are several excellent birding tours from Swakopmund. Full and half-day tours can be organized in search of Namibia’s only true endemic species, the Dune Lark, which can be found in the Kuiseb Delta. From here travel to the Walvis Bay Lagoon and salt pans and discover some wetland species.

The Gray’s Lark and Coastal Wetlands tour takes you north of the Swakopmund gravel plains in search of the elusive Gray’s Lark. From here continue onto the wetlands near Swakopmund salt works in search of a variety of waders.


This tour takes you into the Dorob National Park and allows for breath taking views of the stark looking Moon Landscape. From here ravel to the Swakop River Valley and enjoy several close ups with the oldest living plant, the Welwitschia.