Rossmund Village

The Rössmund Housing Development Project has found incredible success in its first phase. Houses built around the Rössmund Golf Course are made to each buyer’s individual needs and tastes, but they all adhere to a central theme utilizing white stone gathered from site, knitting each home owner’s individuality together into the beautiful fabric of the Rössmund community. Property values are rising beyond expectations and the few houses that do go on the market are snatched up quickly.

After the rousing success of Phase One, the Rössmund team are ready to begin Phase Two of their development. Phase Two is situated on the north-western side of the Rössmund Golf Course, spreading around the western edge to the southwest side of the back 9. The style and feel of Phase Two will resemble that of Phase One continuing with the perfect blending of homes into the desert scenery. New in Phase Two will be a dedicated business area just north of the Rössmund Lodge, bowling greens and golf clubhouse. Long term planning for the business area will most likely include a small medi-clinic, fitness centre and 7-11 type mini-grocery store. The restaurants at the Rössmund Lodge and Golf Clubhouse are also strong drawing cards to living in either Phase One or Two.

For golf lovers and lovers of simple peace and quiet, the community is mere minutes from the convenience of Swakopmund, but country miles from the stresses of town. It is also far enough from the coast that on most days you can escape the chilly wet reach of the Swakopmund mist belt.