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Wedding Catering

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We love weddings - who doesn't?! And what wedding is complete without a delicious buffet that makes your mouth water and your guests keep coming back for more? At our Restaurant, located at the Rössmund's Golf Resort, we can offer you that and more!

We offer a package of N$ 480 per person but completely customizable!

Package includes:
Garden green salad bar

Home-made bread selection

Melange of seasonal fruit

Local cheese platter with savoury biscuits

Choice of 2 starters
Choice of 2 meats and 1 fish OR 3 meats only
Choice of 1 vegetable dish
Choice of 2 starches
Choice of 2 desserts



Choose TWO OPTIONS from any of the below


  • Cajun chicken salad with cucumber salad

  • Lentils, with celeric, spinach, onions and cherry tomatoes and lime salad

  • Baby potato salad with Pommery mustard dressing

  • Classic Waldorf salad with apple dressing

  • Grilled Mediterranean salad with grapefruit dressing

  • Caesar salad with grated parmesan and garlic croutons

  • Chicken and noodle salad in a light curry cream

  • Pickled fish with sweet onions and brown raisin bread

  • Pear and gorgonzola salad with pickled cucumber and carrots

  • Potato, chive and gherkin salad topped with sprouts

  • Wild spinach, orange and feta salad in balsamic jus

  • Shrimp salad with fennel dressing

  • Mozzarella and tomato slices with basil pesto

  • Roast chicken and apple salad with wild rocket

  • Platters of smoked and cured hams & beefs, served with relishes and pickles

  • Creamy mussels in garlic

  • Italian cheese salad with onions, peppers, peas and ham




Choose TWO OPTIONS from any of the dishes below

  • Sliced roast sirloin in pimento jus

  • Pork loin medallions with mustard jus

  • Lamb korma curry in yoghurt and traditional sambals

  • Chicken rotisserie in tomato and olive sauce

  • Roast loin rolled in black pepper corns & its own jus

  • Chicken rotisserie dusted with smoked paprika

  • Thai beef curry with assorted sambals

  • Mint and garlic marinated leg of lamb

  • Chicken breast stuffed with peppers and cream cheese

  • Crumbed chicken breast fillet with creamy blue cheese sauce

  • Saltimbocca Romana, beef loin medallions wrapped in bacon with sage

  • Pork loin in a mustard crust with a light onion jus

  • Crispy pork belly with apple sauce

  • Game potjie with potato and carrots in red wine

  • Beef potjie with bacon and plum tomato

  • Chicken potjie (drumsticks and thigh) with mushroom, leek, celery and sweet peppers)


Choose TWO OPTIONS from any of the dishes below or THREE if not having fish

  • Beef kebab (onions, mushroom, bacon)

  • Sirloin steaks

  • Lamb shoulder chops

  • Boerewors (traditional sausage)

  • Pork sausages

  • Pork belly

  • Game steaks

  • Pork spareribs

  • Chicken drumsticks

  • Chicken thighs

  • Chicken kebab (peppers, onions, pineapple)



Choose ONE OPTION from any of the dishes below unless you've chosen three meat options for the Braai

  • Baked line fish fillet in lime cream with grilled lemon wedges *

  • Grilled kingklip fillets with tomato, mash and parmesan crust *

  • Seafood potjie in a rich creamy white wine sauce               *

  • Chicken and seafood paella *

  • Papilot hake fillet

  • Fish kebab

  • Calamari steak

  • Line fish


* Not prepared on grill



Choose ONE OPTION from any of the dishes below

  • Roasted vegetables with herbs and garlic

  • Roasted butternut and feta cheese

  • Baby carrots in ginger orange reduction

  • Sweet potatoes in honey glaze

  • Creamed spinach with mushrooms

  • Savoury baked butternut quiche

  • Cinnamon pumpkin fritters

  • Grilled eggplant steaks with soya sauce

  • Caramelised sweet potatoes

  • Roasted garden vegetables

  • Broccoli and cauliflower bake (seasonal optional frozen)

  • Green beans with bacon and onions

  • Vegetable kebabs




Choose TWO OPTIONS from any of the dishes below

  • Paprika and rock salt potato wedges

  • Baked potatoes in foil and rock salt

  • Spicy smoked paprika rice

  • Roasted potatoes in olive oil and fresh thyme

  • Savoury basmati rice

  • Herbed mashed potato

  • Creamy potato bake with bacon

  • New potatoes with thyme and garlic

  • Herbed polenta with Parmesan cheese

  • Pasta Napolitana – pasta with tomato sauce

  • Mielie pap (for braai menu only)

  • Creamy risotto rice

  • Creamy citrus flavoured polenta

  • Corn and pea fritters



Choose TWO OPTIONS from any of the dishes below

  • Individual trifle glasses

  • Fruit kebabs drizzled with honey

  • Crème Brûleé

  • Coconut-banana cream with biscuits

  • Strawberry yoghurt cream

  • Chocolate brownies

  • Variety of spiced creams

Cinnamon and orange cream

White chocolate and chilli cream

Banana and anise seed cream cheese

Strawberry yoghurt and peppercorn cream

  • Tropical fruit salad in honey syrup

  • Chocolate cheese cake with berry coulis

  • Malva pudding with toffee custard

  • Amarula Tiramisu in glasses

  • Oreo cheese cakes

  • White and dark chocolate mousse with berry coulis